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Ayn Rand: The Object of his affection Leonard Peikoff won't shrug off the impact of his mentor

It often happens in the last days of youth, when a Herculean mix of hormones, idealism, and rebellion unite — those days when worn copies of “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” rest on night stands, when pulp philosophy is addictive, when a red-haired architect named Howard Roark becomes God.

The Ayn Rand phase. Rush Limbaugh, Margaret Thatcher, Sharon Stone and Hillary Rodham Clinton all say they went through it. And 16 years after Rand’s death, a whole new generation of Americans is brooding over her radical ideas.

But for some, Ayn (rhymes with mine) Rand is more than a college thing. To a cultish group of followers, her philosophy heralding individuality, selfishness, reason and capitalism is the One Way, the Only Truth.

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