Monthly Archives: August 1999

TIGHTER REINS Tough parole program keeps tabs on offenders

Lee Yoder doesn’t live in a cell anymore, but he’s hardly a free man.

The convicted child molester can only leave his tiny studio apartment for work, church, therapy sessions or visits to his father. Whenever he drives, he has to take the same route, avoiding schoolyards and parks. And at least twice a week during those commutes, he sees the black Camaro in his rear-view mirror.

“He’s become really paranoid – which is good,” parole officer Andre O’Bryan said as he trailed Mr. Yoder’s car one day last week. “I want him to think that I’m always there, that I’m always watching.”

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MAKING A BEER RUN Drinking club members take partying in stride

With the sun melting over one horizon and the moon rising from the other, 40 bug-bitten, mud-caked, foul-mouthed runners dashed along a dirt road. The group had just finished a cooler of beer, and now they were back on trail.

“On-on!” a couple of voices echoed. “On-ooon!!”

Still dripping with river water, Cali Kaiser-Rivers watched the front-runners disappear into the thicket about 100 yards ahead. They would reach the end at least an hour before her, but that didn’t matter. This wasn’t about winners and losers.

“It’s about the beer,” she said, laughing. “It’s all about the beer.”

And soon enough, on a dusty mesa overlooking a Farmers Branch industrial park, the guzzling began.

Olympic training it is not. But for local members of the Hash House Harriers, an international “drinking club with a running problem,” as members like to say, it was a typical Monday night.

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