Monthly Archives: September 2001

School nurses increasingly on pill duty

As the school nurse at Coppell Middle School North, Bette Felder is responsible for the health needs, from hearing checks to Band-Aids, of 900 students.

But as soon as the first lunch period ends, her focus turns to pills.

One by one, students file into her clinic, grab paper cups and take their medication from her hand. Then they dart back into the hall, pills swallowed, before Ms. Felder can reach for the next bottle. The process continues for more than two hours until 1 p.m. when – barring emergencies – the clinic goes quiet for the first time since morning.

“This is my typical day,” Ms. Felder said one recent morning, as she searched for one of the more than 100 bottles in her cabinet. “I’m in my seat for a minute, and that’s about it.”

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