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Ayn Rand: The Object of his affection Leonard Peikoff won't shrug off the impact of his mentor

It often happens in the last days of youth, when a Herculean mix of hormones, idealism, and rebellion unite — those days when worn copies of “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” rest on night stands, when pulp philosophy is addictive, when a red-haired architect named Howard Roark becomes God.

The Ayn Rand phase. Rush Limbaugh, Margaret Thatcher, Sharon Stone and Hillary Rodham Clinton all say they went through it. And 16 years after Rand’s death, a whole new generation of Americans is brooding over her radical ideas.

But for some, Ayn (rhymes with mine) Rand is more than a college thing. To a cultish group of followers, her philosophy heralding individuality, selfishness, reason and capitalism is the One Way, the Only Truth.

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On speaking terms Your child has just acknowledged being gay. Now comes the hard part: accepting it, and getting family and friends to do likewise

Eager to talk but equally wary, Marie sat outside a coffee shop and divulged the secret she’s hidden for eight months.

It started last fall with a letter from her son Allan. Marie didn’t get very far down the page before she lost her breath, before she saw the two words her 29-year-old son was not supposed to write: I’m gay.

It seemed as if he had torn off a mask, Marie said, and exposed a face she’d never before seen.

Despite increased acceptance of homosexuality, parents like Marie still are shocked when the word is suddenly associated with their children. They expect their sons and daughters to be heterosexual. And when they learn otherwise, they grieve.

“For weeks, I couldn’t stop crying,” says Marie. “I didn’t want to talk to anyone.”

Now, she’s passed that stage and faces the next hurdle: She must decide whether to stay in the closet — enduring the gay jokes, the probing about Allan’s lack of girlfriends — or to step out, like her son, and stand by him.

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Inside the byte-way With insider gossip (and in-cyber gaffes), Matt Drudge becomes an icon of Internet political reporting

His story is part American dream, part Revenge of the Nerds.

With nothing but a PC and a keen sense of rumor, Internet gossip reporter Matt Drudge propelled himself from folding shirts at the CBS gift shop two years ago to airing Bill Clinton’s dirty laundry on his Web site last winter.

Suddenly, the man the behind the online Drudge Report is the bad boy of American journalism — a notorious, self-made reporter who serves up news with hearsay, fact with fiction, to a constantly growing following.

But as he prepares to host his own show, set to premiere Saturday at 7 p.m. on the Fox News Channel, the biggest question about Matt Drudge may be whether he can survive his own fame — or infamy, as the case may be.

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